I am a long-time tutor and writing teacher. I have designed workshops and curricula for educational institutions, non profits & tutoring agencies. I have lead storytelling workshops internationally, and I run a small lab for experimental pedagogy called Waxwing.

Teaching & Tutoring

Teaching: Intro to Composition (& research methods) and Intro to Creative Writing at Brooklyn College
Tutoring: Standardized testing (SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, Hunter Test), writing, humanities, college essays and college applications.

Workshops & Waxwing Lab

Waxwing Lab is a platform for experiments in pedagogy and teacher training. I have lead writing workshops, workshops for teachers, storytelling workshops.

Storytelling workshops:

  1. Mizrahi Storytelling Workshop

Experimental pedagogy:

  1. Workshop for the Legal Imaginary

  2. Secrets Workshop

  3. Borderless Citizenship Workshop

  4. Flag Workshop

  5. Geneword Workshop

  6. Nodal Syllabi

  7. Worked on syllabi for Brooklyn College Brooklyn College Composition Syllabi.


  1. Other Worlds

  2. Tutoring Timeline Workshop