I write essays, children's books, screenplays & poetry. I edit short & long-form writing projects, and I am the co-editor of Ayin Press. 




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Essays & Poems

"The Hamsa Flag," PROTOCOLS (2017)

"The silvered man said when I was in the mines" and "They wanted to tell more. But they were tired," Eleven Eleven (2017)

Didactic Poems, Fence (2017)

"Index I: Prefix," Montez Press (2017)

Excerpt from "Island," Black Sun Lit (2016)

Excerpt from "Pop-Up Blocker" and "Island", Group Huddle 4 Zine (2016)

Sakura Review Vol. 7 (2016) 



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Illustrated by Sibba Hartunian and designed by me in collaboration with Lucy AndersenWoven centers on two girls who live in a town where everyone's hair is braided together. Their stories are similarly woven together, and the narrative and design reflect that: the book can be opened from either side and the characters' journeys connect at the book's center. In their journeys, Lyla and Phyla reflect on their differing experiences of the world, and the special senses they’ve gained through them. With vibrant illustrations that jump off the page and a unique concept that addresses ideas of both community and independence, Woven helps us remember that no matter how alone we might sometimes feel, we’re all truly connected. 

Flag of No Nation

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Debut book of poetry, A Flag of No Nation, is a mix of narrative, documentary and performative poetics that meditates on world invention & collapse. The book traces the stories of Sephardic Jews in the 20th century, colonists in a white ocean, and performers enacting new rituals around a nationless flag. Through these stories, Haviv investigates the history of Israel/Palestine and the mythologies of nationalism. A warning against imperfect dreams, and an invitation to co-imagine something new, A Flag of No Nation reminds us of how the act of remembrance can help us re-envision the future.

Co-designed with Lucy Andersen.

“Tom Haviv’s 'A Flag of No Nation' is a magnificent rendering of family history and migration, as presented through “this cascade of choices / we call our stories.” Dedicated to his grandmother Yvette, Haviv’s meditative and visionary book of poems gathers and disperses the ephemera of the past in a structurally inventive and fluid landscape of text, image, pixels and sound. The reader, set on a voyage at once mythical and digital, is dazzled by Haviv’s explorations of style and the concert of voices that guide the multitudinous sections of this book. The “shore of the song” in Island leads into to the thoughtful translations of recorded correspondence in Losslessness. The self and the pixel converge, and Yvette’s dreamy ontology sings via emails and voice recordings entwined with history. Rectangular Sun and A Flag of No Nation exemplify a work at once of the earth and nonmaterial, as they explore the purposeful imaginations of human communities. 'A Flag Of No Nation' recalls and reveres generations in a compassionate timescape that yields, like land appearing on the horizon, something sublime and unknown.” — Connie Mae Oliver


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Island is a chapbook accompaniment to A Flag of No Nation. This edition includes three pieces of the larger book: Island, Afterword, and an excerpt from the essay "On the Hamsa Flag." Illustrations by Samuel Bennett. Island is a narrative poem about an act of collective blindness that forms an industrious yet precarious nation. The sequence plays with the epic, the creation myth, the concrete poem & a range of other forms that press against each other as a world is built out of the white space of the page. 

Flag of No Nation Chapbook

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A series of poems from Flag of No Nation, based on the writing of Sol LeWitt. Printed in conjunction with the James Gallery

Index I


Index I generates "new words" by affixing Greek & Latin prefixes to every noun in the English language. We have created an algorithm & a bot (called Geneword) that generates all possible combinations of prefixes and nouns, and can place the "new words" randomly in a range of texts of different genres and forms, using the Natural Language processing and the Markov chain algorithm. We are using two sets of nouns: the first is "all nouns," which consists of 55,191 words, and the second is a smaller set that we are calling "common nouns," which consists of 1525 words. By using 168 prefixes, the algorithm produces over 9 million "new words," not counting redundancies. Book design by Becca Lofchie. Collaboration with Owen Roberts

Somewhere Press

Somewhere Press is the visual imprint of Ayin. Woven by Tom Haviv was published under Somewhere in August 2018. For more information on Somewhere, please contact Tom at tmhaviv@gmail.com.